Mind Wandering

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To fully comprehend the extent of the effect mind wandering can have on an individual and their education we must understand how learning in a classroom-based environment tends to work. Many educational tools that are used involve discourse comprehension. Discourse comprehension is explained as an ongoing process where the individual receives stimuli from an external environment, which is then encoded and translated into terms that can be understood and consistent with their internal depictions (Smallwood, Fisherman & Schooler, 2007). The most obvious explanation for mind wanderings negative impact on learning is that it represents a block or breakdown of the normal coupling or comprehension process between the external stimuli to the internal representations (Smallwood & Schooler, 2006). Discourse comprehension, or processing, is…show more content…
The consequences linked with moderate engagement were that participants showed superficial encoding, that their answers coincided with their own autobiographical memories. The deepest levels of engagement with external stimuli involves individuals to read, retain information and then give a narrative of events occurring beyond the time of the current external input. Mind wandering during this setting, such as reading, occurs less than during signal detection, about 20-40% of the time (Schooler et al., 2005). Mind wandering is believed to deny individuals the ability to encode information correctly meaning that the consequences associated with mind wandering during the deepest level of engagement are that we produce an impaired building of the initial model given, we cannot reproduce an accurate narrative of the events. Mind wandering is prevalent across all levels but more frequent when less attention is required. Similarly mind wandering negatively impacts recall across all levels, having a slightly different effect depending of the level of engagement but having the worst impact on tasks requiring a deeper level of
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