Essay on Mind and Healthy Self-concept

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The Self-Concept is a complicated process of gaining self-awareness. It consists of mental images an individual has of oneself: physical appearance, health, accomplishments, skills, social talents, roles, intellectual traits, and emotional states and more –all make up our self-concept. The development process begins at about six or seven months of age. The child begins to recognize "self" as distinct from surroundings. They stare at anything they see, including their own body parts; hands, feet, toes, and fingers. As they grow, their sense of identity expands through interactions with others –creating self-esteem levels that become the "booster" for the ability to interact. There are two theories that describe how interactions…show more content…
There are four requirements that must be met for the message to be regarded as important enough to change. First, the evaluator must be someone we see as competent to offer it. Secondly, the message must be perceived as highly personal. Thirdly, it must be similar or somewhat dissimilar to the one we give ourselves; otherwise, the idea will be rejected. Lastly, the message must be said more than once for it to be persuasive. Another influence in the self-concept is Self-Fulfilling prophecies. The self-concept is so powerful that it can also affect the individuals' future behavior and that of others through self-fulfilling prophecies. This occurs when expectations are influenced by behaviors that make them come true and there are two ways to make it possible; self-imposed and/or from others predictions. Self-Imposed occurs when your own expectations influence your behavior, or acted in ways that made it come true, which is influence by our attitudes. On the other hand, self-fulfilling prophecies sometimes are influence by an individual's expectations to govern another's actions. This notion is considered to be a powerful force that shapes the self-concept. Example: patients given placebos are persuaded by the doctor; they are persuaded that when taken, they will be cured of illnesses, which in turn, shapes their attitude and behavior. Changing our self-concept is difficult to do, but absolutely not
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