Mind over Matter

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Mind over Matter

Matt Pickering
Religion 101
Brantley Gasaway
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Out of the myriad of religions that encompass the earth, one of the least understood is Buddhism. In the pursuit of a higher plane of existence, a
Buddhist monk will renounce his worldly secular life, instead embracing a life of meditation and study. While attempting to achieve enlightenment, and therefore nirvana, a Buddhist must first come to eradicate his sense of self, effectively destroying his ego. By doing this, "durkha," (pain and suffering), end and one can be at peace and harmony with the world and all who reside in it.
A practice that helps monks achieve this enlightened state is meditation. By clearing the mind of mundane clutter and distractions, a
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By far, the last time I meditated was the most successful. There were no major advances, everything was a measure of degree. Yet sitting for a half-hour cross-legged was no longer extremely uncomfortable, focusing the breathing and mind was easier, and I felt at peace which was nice feeling in a usually hectic college day. After trying to emulate the life of a Buddhist monk, even for a total of an hour and a half, I have infinite more respect for these men and women. I have always respected forms of mental concentration and the ability to raise oneself into a higher plane of consciousness. In my study of the martial arts, the ability to become one with your opponent and therefore know how he will move before he actually moves is paramount. This omniscient sense occurs only after years of training, and while a black belt who has trained for six years I am still far from this state of ability. I can readily see why the pursuit of nirvana can span a lifetime, indeed, multiple lifetimes.
The mind is, indeed, the hardest element of the human body to control. With the brain's need for activity, a combination of seclusion from society and group meditation is of great importance, especially in the beginning of one's path toward the mastery of the Eight-fold Path. The
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