Mindful Vs Meditation

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• How is being mindful different from meditation?
Being mindful and meditation have been shown to be greatly beneficial and can be fitting for all people. However, it’s important to understand the differences between being mindful and meditation. Bhante Gunaratana emphases mediation as a journey you take stickily by yourself or as a ‘lonely path’. In this way, he means you must learn the practice of meditation on your own, nobody can meditate or learn this skill for you, and it is in no way a competition. It’s important to find a suitable place, atmosphere, and time to meditate. Bhante Gunaratana also explains how a person must choose and want to meditate. For some, it might be difficult to get into meditation, however, great benefits can
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Being mindful and meditation are great skills and tools to have as everyday practices, however, there are challenges to consider. Regarding meditation, finding time is a huge constraint for many busy people. However, setting aside a little extra time in the morning or before bed could be a great solution. As meditation requires setting aside times, mindfulness should be part of everyday life. As mindfulness is practiced it will come more easily and natural. It is making this commitment to acting mindfully and sticking to it that can be difficult. A second huge challenging for both meditation and being mindful is the mental aspect. Everyone can get caught up ruminating in their own head, some days worse than others. I think this is the most challenging aspect regarding mindfulness and…show more content…
This semester I’m taking an introduction to Buddhism course. We spent a week discussing meditation, our professor explained two major components of meditation, 1) Samadi or concentration and 2) Vipassana (insight). We also discussed the many forms of meditation or Bhavana. Along with this I have an app on my phone for meditation called ‘Head Space’. The app has about 10 sections of guided meditation you can work through, ranging from 10-20 minutes each. You can do one at a time or work through as many as you want. It’s a really accessible and useful app and I always feel better after utilizing
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