Mindfulness And Its Impact On The Workplace

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Mindfulness has enjoyed its popularity in recent years. Several big companies have used mindfulness to adopted the firms with change of management (Aviles & Dent 2015). Coming from Buddhist psychology as its roots, with the combination from ancient Greek phenomenology, Naturalis’ thought in Western Europe and Humanism’s thought from America (Brown et al., 2007), Mindfulness reflected of how individual response and having awareness about present events (Quaglia, Brown, Lindsay, Creswell, & Goodman cited in Good., et al 2016). Moreover, the research on management also revealed from integrative framework that mindfulness has positive effect to individual hence will affecting positive outcomes to organization. Conventional stigma of how people see process of managing can only be developed by experiences diminished slowly because mindfulness could be learned with training. Nevertheless, Bruce (Cited in David and Hayes 2011) doubt that mindfulness has significant impact to employee’s task, goals and bond in the workplace. The author believes that mindfulness needs measurement to prove it works on the workplace. The reason behind his statement is mindfulness recognized only as self-reported and containing bias. However, having mindful manager will be very useful for organization as mindfulness is regarded as the central element of how individual, teams and organization worked simultaneously.
Google is one of many companies that use mindfulness in its organizations (Aviles and Dent…
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