Mindfulness In The Workplace

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Introduction In order to find out how RoboticTech employees can achieve mindfulness in the workplace, we need to define mindfulness, explore ways to obtain it, discuss what the benefits are, and see which other companies are participating in this form of work. All the information provided will aid in educating our employees on this subject through the company newsletter. Mindful Work There are many variations for the term mindfulness, but the definition that relates most to the topic of mindful work is the definition provided by mindfulness is being attentive, aware, or careful. Thus, mindful work means being fully aware of the task in front of you, aware of your thoughts and feelings, aware of yourself and surroundings, and…show more content…
When you become aware of your body you will realize that there is pain and tension in your body. This pain, tensions, and stress have been building for a long period of time in the body. Our body feels this tension but our mind has yet been trained to help release it. Through these exercises, you can learn how to release this pain, tension, and stress (Hanh, N.T., 2010). Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Jon Kabat-Zinn created the mindfulness-based stress reduction method. This meditation method is different than normal methods because it is performed with a group of participants for a series of eight to ten weeks, each weekly session lasts about two and a half hours, and includes one all-day session, as well as completing 45-minute daily homework assignments. The MBSR includes traditional meditation practices, yoga postures, and requires you to maintain mindfulness (Hansen, 2012). Other Methods Other ways to obtain mindfulness include doing nothing for at least five minutes a day and getting in touch with your senses (Hansen, 2012). According to (“Mindfulness Activities,” n.d.), other ways to practice mindfulness is through everyday activities such as eating and listening to music. You can obtain mindfulness through many of your daily activities as long as you remember to be aware and…show more content…
(2015) states, “Stress costs American companies an estimated $200 billion to $300 billion in lost productivity each year, and research suggests that mindfulness could be an effective antidote.” According to Hansen (2012), many researchers have conducted tests with results suggesting that becoming mindful reduces stress, lowers blood pressure, and decreases depression and anxiety levels. Other benefits include the ability to build self-confidence as a leader (Smith, J.A, 2014). “The Benefits of Meditation,” (n.d) suggests that there are many physical and physiological benefits when an individual becomes mindful: the following lists are suggested
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