Mindfulness Meditation : Improving Everyday Life

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Improving Everyday Life
Keanna Hamilton
East Carolina University

Mindfulness meditation: Improving everyday life In recent decades mindfulness meditation has grown increasingly popular in modern societies. As researcher Jean Kristellar (2007) explained, “Mindfulness meditation, also known as "insight meditation" or "Vipassana practice," has helped to show how meditation can contribute to therapeutic growth and personal development.” (pg. 393). My research has found there is a commonly held misconception that meditation requires the individual to clear their mind of all thoughts, resulting in “mindlessness.” However, all meditation techniques leads to the ability to maintain focus and awareness. Mindfulness meditation is an ability to acknowledge thoughts and observing them in a non-judgmental manner rather than focusing on a simple object. As humans, we often live our lives on autopilot mode and tend to forget to be aware of the present. Mindfulness is said to help develop the skill of being aware of yourself and everything around you. Practicing mindfulness aides promoting relaxation while bringing awareness to the present which leads to taking control over daily life.
What is mindfulness?
In more simplified terms, mindfulness can be defined as being aware of the present moment. Mindfulness is the western translation of the Pali word Sati. It is an extension of the Buddhist practice of meditation which originated around 2500 years ago.
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