Mindfulness : The Religious Ideologies Of The Eastern World

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Mindfulness derives from the religious ideologies of the Eastern world, specifically originating from Buddhism. Mindfulness represents a state of consciousness in which an individual is completely aware of the present moment. The intense awareness of the present moment allows the individual to acknowledge the feelings, thoughts, and emotions being experienced in a nonjudgmental manner. Mindfulness involves cognition about cognition, and the ability to observe thoughts impartially. However, present moment awareness is a vital component to being mindful. Thoughts about the past and future will subside. The individual’s awareness is on the body, the breath, and thoughts only pertaining to the present moment. This awareness and attention allows a person to view the world in a new perspective. Most people constantly and unknowingly think about the past or the future. The intrapersonal communication we experience changes our perspective of the world because we are either comparing the present to a situation from the past or we are ignoring the present by anticipating the future. Practicing mindfulness can enhance interpersonal communication skills in reference to arguments and problem solving, resulting in stronger interpersonal relationships. Mindfulness allows a person to be open to new perspectives. Often times when two people engage in an argument, they only focus on their interpretation of the situation. However, a mindful mindset leads to openness and the will to

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