Minds of Mass Murders

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Abstract Many serial killers and mass murderers have been interviewed and tested to reveal why they killed and raped large groups of people. There are several factors as to why they perform such acts. My findings in this paper show that there is a logically explanation as to why they do what they do. In no way is killing or violence justified, but people have been through things we couldn’t imagine being put through. Many of these killers were put through harsh abuse physically, mentally, and emotionally which haunted them in their futures. This caused them to resolve their issues through inhumane ways. One who was put through sexual abuse became lust serial killers by wanting to rape the victims or sexually punish them. They want their…show more content…
Many believe that no one is driven to kill unless they do it with their free will for their own reasons with no ties to their mental health or past. However, those who have physical, sexual, and emotional abuse as children are three times more likely to be violent as adults. (Neurodevelopmental and Psychosocial Risk Factors in Serial Killers and Mass Murderers, 2014) With one mutated chromosome or misplaced gene, a person’s entire life can be effected negatively which will result in difficulty in their future. A psychologist by the name of Helen Morrison conducted studies on serial killers. Her study consisted of 135 mass murders. She identified that abnormalities in a chromosomes was a big common factor amongst the offenders, and the men began revealing their aggressive side during puberty. Another very important finding was that almost all of these killers don’t experience a sense of attachment to people or things. This means that they do not care emotionally about their victims which lead to the reasoning on how they can take so many people’s lives without hesitation or feeling any bit of remorse. (Vukovic, 2014) From her findings, she studied one of the several serial killers that supported her hypothesis. This murder’s name was Bobby Joe Long. He had an extra X chromosome which resulted in an excess production of estrogen. Because of this, he developed breasts and felt embarrassed and angry since it was not the norm to have breasts as a male.
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