Mindset: The New Psychology Of Success

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Throughout our discussions in this class so far there has been a great deal of conversation about what makes “mind” and “context” related. Overall, one of the greatest and most relevant conversations that we have had in class relating this topic is that each of the concepts are related and dependent on the other. The mind, which consists of the person, interactions, and experiences, gets all of its qualities from the context that it is in. The context is the environment and the people around that mind. Furthermore, the context is created by the minds of individuals. These two concepts are incredibly and undoubtedly intertwined that it drives the continued discussion which, in turn, has lead to the creation of multiple books on the same topic.…show more content…
Dweck refers to in her book Mindset: The New Psychology of Success. In this book, Dweck, in many different scenarios refers to two major mindsets: the fixed and growth mindsets. She then goes on the explain how, regardless of a person's innate unique genetics, the experiences that people have a greater effect than genetics on how someone will act in a given situation. The view that a person adopts affects the way that they themselves will react in given situations. Generally, the fixed mindset is explained as one that constantly needs to prove themselves to others, feels they are a failure in the face of defeat, and out a great deal of importance on the perception that others have of them. In contrast, the growth mindset is interested in personal growth and development, learning from failure, and wants to encourage those around them to grow as…show more content…
As hard as we may try, no one is free to escape the kinds of biases that our minds create. We can work hard to make sure that these biases do not affect our decision making by simply being aware that they are there. By being aware that there are things that we have seen, done and been apart of in our lives that create stereotypes, this gives us all some control over them. For example, if it had been brought to the attention of those individuals who moved to the opposite side of the street to avoid Stables, it is possible that less of those people would have taken part in that
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