Mindsets Of Stress Essay

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When people think about stress they think mainly how the situation is going to make them feel bad about something or themselves. A lot of people get headaches and dizziness and other health issues related to stress. Before reading this book, I knew that stress had a negative impact to my health and that there was nothing I could do about it. But after reading the first chapter I realize that stress can be a good thing and that you need stress in order to be motivated more to do things. In McGonigal’s book she talks about two different mindsets the mindset that stress is harmful and then the mindset that stress can be enhancing or can be rewarding. Personally, after reading these mindsets I can see that there are a lot of people that have the months that there's trash is harmful because of all the health issues that people are going through this is our passion that has risen and even the Obesity that has risen can be related to stress. I feel like maybe students and adults should read this book because she talks about the three steps that can help stress be reduced and in everyday life there are people that really need that in order to be healthier and happier.
In Crums study to manipulate participants views of stress and how their body responded to stressful situations, people into different groups and showed one group a video saying how
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There are people that don't believe any of this can happen and those are the people that are very set in their ways and they don't believe the studies and the results from the studies. David Yeager a mindset researcher at the University of Texas try to do an intervention at a low income High School in San Francisco. His results showed an 81% increase in the mine said some of the students who went under the intervention. But the school district felt like this was not real even after seeing the results of a 1.0 GPA increase within the
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