Mindtree’s Approach to Knowledge Management

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Case Assignment for MindTree Dan Wang (王丹) 12210690688 Q1.What are the key elements of MindTree’s approach to knowledge management? How effective are they? A: The key elements of MindTree’s Approach to KM includes: 1. The way MindTree foster and build social interactions within the company. From MindTree’s value system (CLASS), the administrators have realized that employees are social creatures that wish to build and grow. Thus, they allow employees to self-organize into communities that focus upon a particular topic or aspect of the company. 2. The model in which communities are viewed or categorized in terms of their impact to MindTree. This allows the CKO to look at the knowledge community landscape from a distance, and identify where…show more content…
5. The senior management would choose the five best plans and afford resources to help proposers develop their businesses. As a part of “$1 billion revenues by 2014”, the success of this initiative progrom great depended on the knowledge management function. KM would help in the ideation process and would provide critical IT systems support through Neuron. According to the process of the “5*50” initiative program, the KM function would alter its roles and responsibilities in following fields: 1. Neuron would be modified to be a harvesting and tracking mechanism for thousands of ideas. 2. Neuron would be linked to ECM system in order to allow MindTree’s partners working together with employees to develop ideas. 3. The Innovation Council would bring together idea nurturers from each functional area to discuss and help develop the top few ideas. 4. The KM orgnazition would also provide essential content for the mini-MBA program. 5. The KM would support the five business ideas to realize after they were lauched. In my point of view, to coordinate the “5*50” program, the KM should be modified in several aspects: 1. Link to customer relationship management (CRM)system and ERP system to integrate customer acquisition, sales, and other externally-oriented domains. 2. Adding some measure functions to trace ideas and suggestions. 3. Bringing some incentives for people

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