Mindy Kalig's Book Report

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Mindy Kaling released her book that she wrote. She was anxious about the release of her book. In the interview, Mindy Kaling talked about “how she looked up to her mother and her mother is her advisor” (Borel, 2011). Mindy Kaling talked about her family and “how is her mother is the funniest and that is where she inherits her humour from” (Borel, 2011). Mindy talks about her childhood and how being a comedian was not an overnight decision but it took time for her to decide that. In her interview, she was asked about “when was the last time she made her family laugh” (Borel, 2011). She answered them that “she made her mother laugh today and the reason was because of her brother” (Borel, 2011). “She then talks about her brother and what does
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