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What are your preparations before the exam? Answer: National examinations are quite different from the tests that we take in school. The only thing they’re alike is that we don’t know what to expect. In terms of difficulty, I personally think that reading books relating to my course during college years is very vital. In doing so, cramming and conscious information overload can be avoided. Aside from that, before departmental exams, I answer a lot of mock questionnaires in high hopes of correctly attacking how the exams were fashioned. In other words, it is building strategy over defeat. Is nursing your first choice? Why? Answer: No. Political Science was at the top of my choices, Nursing came second. But after…show more content…
However, there are times when the book and topic conflicts with the actual experience. Apparently, there is a lot of updated information of Nursing Fundamentals that the ‘senior’ nurses do not know. They rely on ‘old school’ materials that pave way to conflicts between the new and old ones. Hence, information should be clarified. • Maternal & Child Nursing is intriguing but gives me bewilderment. Due to the vast instruction there is available, sometimes, I become confused. When I answer NCLEX questions, there are answers that I deem correct, which in turn is not. Maybe because of over-analysis or I just failed to understand the subject matter. • I believe that Nursing Jurisprudence and Nursing Ethics come hand in hand. However, there are far too many technical terms to remember, laws to familiarize and ethical consideration to understand. It is quite confounding for me. • Nursing Research & Leadership & Management are good subjects, but they just don’t interest me at all. The fact that these subjects are difficult makes me want to close my eyes and weep. How do you see yourself now and in the future? Answer: I believe I’m still far from becoming the competent nurse that I ought to be, but I am toiling hard, I want to give the best of what I have to grow in my future profession. My future will be determined by what I have now, what I know, what I have learned, and what I plan to
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