Minecraft Benefits

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A girl playing Minecraft is not usually the subject I talk about with my friends. Most people tend to think that it is weird for a girl to be sitting in front of a TV for a couple of hours, playing a video game. This does not stop me from doing what I love though and I don't think that it should stop others either. I think that Minecraft is a lot more than just a video game. I step into a completely different world and take on a new aspect of life that tests my skills, knowledge, and creativity, which all has benefited my education and career.
Minecraft has helped to teach me real-world skills. You only have a little amount of time and resources and you need to decide wisely on how to use them effectively. It helped me learn patience and perseverance through the game. Not everyone can get to building right away it takes time to collect the resources they need. Once I get to building, doing it right the first time usually doesn’t happen, resulting in me learning to recognize my mistake and try again. Minecraft also requires teamwork if you decide to play multiplayer. My family and play Minecraft a lot and it requires us to work cooperatively,
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I have always wanted to go into the medical field but recently, I have thought about going into architecture as well. Being able to build something so real and magnificent from an idea that was just in your head makes me want to continue doing that throughout my life. I am sure that Minecraft has also expanded careers in other players throughout the world. Minecraft has also helped me with different mathematical concepts, like geometry, which I apply inside the classroom and will continue to throughout my education. Minecraft has had a huge impact on my life as well as my education and career, by boosting my creativity, teaching me real world skills, and helping me in school. I am extremely thankful for this game and the impact it has had on my
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