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Minecraft is a three dimensional environmental game that allows users to create an infinite amount of objects within the video game by using only rough grid like blocks to construct them. The game was first released for personal computers in the spring of 2009 and later for mobile devices in the summer of 2011. Since its release it has had more than 100 million copies sold in all platforms. This game is offered to all ages and genders, but their main focus is young boys mainly since boys particularly enjoy playing video games which include zombies, swords, and building things. Minecraft’s popularity has increased throughout the years that it is no longer available for free download on android or iOS mobile stores, but instead needs to be bought…show more content…
“My friend from school had his 12th birthday last week and everything was Minecraft themed…”, said by Angel Ortiz (age 11), a relative of mine who began playing the game about three years ago, but still plays occasionally. Aside from earning profit from the game itself, companies need to act rational and take advantage of its popularity while it’s still active by selling merchandise related to their game. This is where all the plush toys, costumes, backpacks, etc. that are seen at stores comes from. “The game I like playing the most is Creative Mode”, said by Angel. In Minecraft, the title “Creative Mode” speaks for itself, the person playing is given an unlimited amount of resources and from there can build an infinite amount of things. Most players prefer Survival Mode. In this particular mode, only a limited amount of items are given and from there the person needs to gather enough resources to begin building a fortress in order to defend himself from zombies, spiders, and monsters that attempt to take the bar of life the avatar…show more content…
As time progressed it has earned countless award winning recognitions and nominations most being Kid’s Choice Awards and British Academy of Film and Television Arts. With it millions of downloads received it is well deserved for the awards it has obtained. No game allows players to create a Starbucks coffee store, a mansion surrounded by lava, or create their very own animal farm that needs to be protected by killer zombies and arrow throwing skeletons. It has allowed millions of players to go beyond imagination to construct endless possibilities through just a phone, console, or
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