Minecraft Game Analysis

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One of the biggest turning points in my life took place in 7th grade playing the popular computer game, Minecraft. Yes, Minecraft, the pixely game about blocks. In 7th grade Minecraft was very popular among me and my peers. We would all create our worlds and build and share them with each other. We would spend hours at a time staring at our screens, completely absorbed into our virtual kingdoms. We had not however, used the online multiplayer system yet and we decided to try it. There was 100’s of people on these Minecraft servers all creating, destroying, building, and fighting together in one Minecraft world. My friends were not a fan of multiplayer as many of the players were more skilled at the game and rather rude. I enjoyed the challenge…show more content…
I asked about this DDOS attack and was told that you can get someone’s “IP” from their skype name and use a “botnet” to take out their Wi-Fi. I had no idea what an IP was much less a botnet. I figured this idea must just be too complicated for me, I put it aside and just continued to play my game, until one day when I mouthed off to the wrong person. I said one wrong word and was spending the next 30 minutes without any Wi-Fi, not just my computer but the Wi-Fi router itself would not function. After that day I spent all my time researching how this happened, I watched many videos, read many blogs, and joined many forums, trying to get a grasp at this topic. My goal was for my system to never be able to be taken down by these people ever again. With all my hard work I became famous on the Minecraft server because no matter how mad people got, they were not able to find my IP or even my newly installed VPN. My personal information was invisible to the other players and no longer did I have to worry about losing my items from a DDOS attack. I made it my business to help many other players have the same protection I did and pretty soon after I had helped more than 20 people hide their information from attackers. This is the week that sparked my interest in cyber-security and computers. To this day I am fascinated by everything a computer can do from hacking to calculating. Computers are the way of the future and it is important to be able to protect yourself on the internet. DDOS attacks are not nearly as severe as many internet crimes but it is one example of a way in which people can use this machine we use to browse the internet for evil purposes. Ever since that day, I have wanted to build a system that is not susceptible to any form of cyber-attacks and to help other people and businesses do the
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