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I was staff on a small hcf server a long time ago (I forgot the name sorry). It got around 80players sotw but this was ok because it didn't have much advertising. I started off on the server as a moderator and later worked up to Platform-Admin because I was really getting along with all the players and all in all having a good time on the server keeping it hacker-free and a good time for all the players that were online. The server started to lose players and got hit by etb about a month after sotw, this is when all the players started to stop playing and eventually the owner shut the server down because it wasn't making enough profit to keep it running. The server was owned by a
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You have your own ss tool and so do I, So if i were to freeze a player I would go thru all the general stuff like documents and .minecraft and things like then i would make them download your ss tool. If the HCGames ss tool didn't find anything I would ask them to download mine (not doubting yours just making sure everything is right).

I have teamspeak and will always in the support rooms helping players with there needs. On some servers the teamspeak is really bad and staff just disregard the support room all together. Me as a person believe Support rooms are extremely important so that you can help all players as easy as possible. It is much easier in a 1-1 situation with people in support rooms and it makes them feel less intimidated

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I have quite abit of experience as a staff member as you might be able to see from the previous questions, I also own my own ss tool that I can use during screenshares if
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