Mineral Observation

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Upon entering the Hall of Gems and Mineral, you are plunged into the deep recesses of space where meteorites, the gems of space, rule. The roof of the Moon, Meteorites, and the Solar System gallery section was painted pitch black like the night sky. Along the roof, there were lights on tracks so that they could be moved to highlight specific pieces in the exhibit. These lights also seem to represent stars in the night sky, because they were bright, you could see them, but they were out of reach. The lights on the roof of this section that were pointing to meteors had shades over them, I believe this was to protect the specimens from light damage. There were also large cases the held meteor specimens that were not to be touched. These cases had light attics. The lights…show more content…
The entrance for that gallery was interesting. It was a giant 3d rendering of the earth. The entrance was cut through the rendering creating the illusion of visitors entering the earth. Since the section discusses what goes on within the earth I thought that the opening was fitting. There were a great deal of displays that lit up from within, which would illuminate the words on the display making them easier to read in the dark sections. I believe that this displays used fiber optic lights or LED lights because they were bright but the displays gave off no heat. In the Hall of Geology, Gems and Minerals the lighting of the overall exhibit was much brighter. There was a greater variety of lights used in this area. In the roof the where more lights on tracks, but there were also what seemed to be florescent lights in roof. There were LED lights or fiber optic lights in some the cases. In this sections many of the rocks on display were in the open so people can touch them. In the stalactite cave the designers used light to mimic the sunlight one would see in the opening of a cave. The light shined of the rock formations highlighting them
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