Minh Kane Diary Entry

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Finger on the trigger of her gun, Lana Kane doesn't twitch a muscle out of place even in the dark. She'd taken this assignment from Mallory because it had sounded simple. Chase down an unnamed ally, and extract him back to their Manhattan headquarters. The chase down had been fairly simple. Lana was mentally checking that box in her head. Mallory had passed her a tip that the ally had been last seen here, so Lana picked the lock, broke in, and here she was. Gun drawn, in the dark, awaiting detection by a possible ally.

"So here's a dumb question; why are you in my house?" Lana heard the click of a cocked gun behind her, and decided which way to play this.

"How well do you know a Mallory Archer?" Lana spun, reaching for the assailant's gun in the dark and disarmed him, a knee to his face for good measure.

"Jesus, who are you? What the
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certainly an eyeful. Around the office she'd heard stories about Sterling Archer, the boss' son who got preferential treatment because of all the fucked up history they had. She'd also heard stories about that fucked up history. Months working for Mallory and now Lana finally met her son. Her naked, drunk son who had pulled a gun on her and actually gotten the drop on her for like. Point five seconds. At least some of those stories certainly sounded believable now.

Archer belched, and reached for his gun back from Lana's hand. Still slowly.

"So you've heard of me? Yeah, doesn't surprise me. Hard to be the best secret agent in the world and still keep it under wraps. I'm sure you can empathize with that situation you clearly know nothing about... Ms. Breaking-and-entering. Speaking of entering..." Archer cocked an eyebrow Lana's way that frustrated her in at least ten different ways.

"That's Ms. Kane, thanks." Lana smoothed her skirt, and reminded herself about the mission. About the extraction. About the ways that the who of this shouldn't complicate the
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