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1. How did Starbucks create its uniqueness in the first place? Starbucks create its uniqueness by offering premium coffee beans, thus creating an amazing image. Every store is a unique place with a wide range of products and a special homely ambience, emphasized by relaxing music and comfortable seating furniture. Other than that, customers can use the free wireless hotspot or just visit with friends. The high quality of the products connected with a fair price attracts many coffee lovers. Starbucks also offer a wide range of products for example 30 different blends of coffee and first supplier of beverages “to-go”. The special flavor of the coffee beans in every Starbucks
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Organized to capture value : Starbucks have an effective organizational structure and coordinating systems to fully exploit the competitive potential of its resources and capabilities.
So, Starbucks has gain and sustained competitive advantage.

3. Why and how did Starbucks lose its uniqueness? Starbucks lose its uniqueness when baristas used to grind beans throughout the day whenever a new pot of coffee had to be brewed which was at least every eight minutes. Many baristas began to grind all of the day’s coffee beans in the morning and store the rest of the day. Baristas now use push-button machines to make espresso drinks. That stores no longer smell like coffee and that every store looks cookie-cutter.

4. How is Starbucks attempting to re-create its uniqueness? Do you think it will be successful? Why or Why not? Starbucks attempting to re-create its uniqueness by introduced many new products such as instant coffee. These new products undercut the integrity of the Starbucks brand for coffee purists. They also challenged the baristas who had to wrestle with an ever-more-complicated menu of drinks. With over half of customers customizing their drinks, baristas hired for their social skills and passion for coffee, no longer had time to dialogue with customers. The brand experience declined as waiting times increased. Moreover, the price premium for a
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