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“Marketing communication is an ever changing field. New theories, new techniques, cultural changes and technological advances all combine to create a dynamic environment within which marketers try to ensure that their messages get through to their target audiences” (Blythe, 2006, p.2). Fill (2005) argues that marketing communications is the way in which organisations reach their target audiences or it is an “audience-centred activity” (Fill, 2005, p.9).
This report aims to analyse the current marketing communication activities for one of the most recognised brands in the UK and the world, MINI Cooper. The first part includes some background information and after that the report follows the planning framework provided by
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2.1.2. Levels of awareness, perception and attitudes towards MINI

As Keller (1993, p. 3) argues, “[…] perceptions about a brand as reflected by the brand associations held in consumer memory”. Keller (1998) also suggests that there are three categories that constitute the overall brand perception: attributes; benefits and attitudes. A study conducted by Simms and Trott (2006) explores the brand perception of the MINI stakeholders. Based on their findings researchers established a model that gives a “perspective on a product brand by linking specific brand associations to the image that is developed in the mind of the consumer or stakeholder, and finally linking this to how the image appeals to key stakeholders” (Simms and Trott, 2006) . The application of their model to the MINI brand is presented in Appendix 2. .
2.1.3 Involvement

The types of involvement that can be identified in MINI’s customers are related to the so-called product and ego involvement as the interest is mainly in the MINI itself, but also relates to the customers’ self concept (Solomon et al, 2006). What is more, MINI has become an icon and the level of involvement can be associated with cult products (Solomon et al, 2006).
2.2. The business context

2.2.1 Corporate/marketing plans

As mentioned above the MINI business context is inevitably related to that of the overall BMW Group,

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