Mini Essay on Family Relations

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In the three stories read in class many of the family members are emotionally detached from each other. Emotional detachment is when a person avoids making connections with those in his/her personal and social round. The members in Louisa, Walter and Paul’s families show emotional detachment towards Louisa, Walter and Paul because their family members do not understand them nor do they want to.
Louisa’s mother, from Shirley Jackson’s short story, “Louisa Please Come Home,” is emotionally detached from Louisa because she does not share a mother-daughter connection with her. Louisa’s mother continuously buys clothes for her even though she does not like them. Her “mother picked [the coat]” which she wants Louisa to wear (49). Admittedly, Louisa’s mother shows emotional detachment towards Louisa because she does not ask her daughter what she would like to wear. Moreover, Louisa's mother should already know Louisa's fashion sense. Most mothers know their children's likes and dislikes because they love their children and do not want to upset them. Since Louisa’s family does not pay attention towards Louisa’s needs, she feels neglected. This pushes her to run away, which shows that Louisa’s family is not close enough to begin with. In fact, Louisa's mother does not care for Louisa’s opinion and does not give her freedom of choice. Her mother’s behaviour leads Louisa to be…
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