Mini Ethnography : Dick 's Sporting Goods

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Mini-Ethnography: Dick’s Sporting Goods Allen Mumm Organizational Communication Professor Baumann March 27, 2017 An athletes dream or even a sports lover’s store of preference, Dick’s Sporting Goods located at its new location is a spectacle to see. It’s extremely big and you can find yourself spending countless of hours there just strolling the aisles which is why I found myself observing much more than just the products they had to offer. I found myself observing the customer satisfaction, the employees’ willingness to help and be there if someone looked as if they were struggling trying to find something in this maze of new renovated store. Throughout my time spent at the new location I found some interesting things and…show more content…
Taking my efforts a step further I went into the company’s handbook that you can find online just as most companies. When reading through their handbook you begin to find the meaning that Dick’s is looking for. It states that they want you to hold the image that Dick’s has created for the many years of business using honesty and integrity in your business dealings and holding yourself to a high standard as an employee (Dick 's Sporting Goods, 2004). As a whole the company does fairly well with this. When talking to employees you can get the sense of they may be faking how polite they are but for the most part you feel like they are willing to help you in your search of what you’re looking for or even help you in finding the best product for you. Just reading through the handbook you really get a sense of how much Dick’s values their customers and values their employees and how they are expected to act in the work place. Corporate design of a Dick’s Sporting Goods is very base and it’s not like each store necessarily has their own unique design, each store is built and designed with similar layouts with the potential differences in each one. For instance, the one in Davenport has a Golf Galaxy and a Field and Stream store connected to it so it’s much larger than most store locations and has a
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