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Mini-Experiment #1
Explain why this experience is positive for you in your words.
This experience is such a positive thing to bring to peoples’ lives. Often people focus on their weaknesses, myself included, but being given the opportunity to think of myself in a positive light and have others reinforce that positivity was truly uplifting. External circumstances have been bringing me down recently, but being able to look at the good aspects of myself has been eye opening and heartwarming to say the least.

Describe in detail any roadblocks you have experienced in completing this exercise and how you can overcome this in the future.
The main issue I came across while conducting this experiment had to do with my own thoughts. When focusing on
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I shared my top 10 strengths with my boyfriend and he felt the same as I did about how accurate they were, apart from #5, which was judgment. He pointed out that I often jump to conclusions and am very passionate about things that I believe in, sometimes to a point of not looking at things from another side, but we both agree that I am a fairly good judge of character and I usually try to be fair when making decisions. Next, I shared my strengths with my housemate, whom I’ve known since kindergarten. She joked at first saying I’m not funny and that I appreciate nothing, but when she seriously looked at the list she agreed with the top 10. She said that she thought #10, forgiveness, would have been higher on the list because I “always seem to be the one doing the forgiving, even when they [people in my life] don’t deserve…show more content…
Orlick (2000) discusses the topic of willful focusing, which basically means that one is fully present in all situations (p. 130). With practice, he says that focusing becomes more natural, and one will automatically focus when “seeing something beautiful in nature or in another person,” (p. 130). My top strength was appreciation of beauty and excellence which means that I might not need as much willful focusing practice as other people! Emmons and McCullough (2004) discuss gratitude and the moral functions it possesses (p. 145). Gratitude was not in the top 10 of my characteristics, but it is definitely something I want to work on. According to Emmons and McCullough (2004), there are “lasting benefits” of gratitude that range from “personal and social development, to individual health and
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