Mini Habits : Smaller Habits, Bigger Results By Stephen Guise

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I am striving for change. I want to make something a habit, it just occurs naturally, that I don’t have to think about daily and I’m seeking this for exercising. I have for years started an exercising plan with much push back mentally, but once I started I can continue because I love the way it makes me feel. Then, I notice once I reach a goal I stop or allow an obstacle to give me excuses to why I can’t continue. I currently dislike my body, it weighs on my confidence, and makes me always question my husband thoughts. He is always supportive and helpful, but is it because he feels he has to be. I need a change! Mini Habits: Smaller habits, bigger results by Stephen Guise is the book I chose for several reasons. First, because the title mentioned smaller habits, bigger results, and to me this meant I could do little had have a greater effect. Second, I currently struggle with my weight even though many think I’m small I subconsciously know I can and use to be smaller and that’s my goals. Unfortunately, I don’t stick to my plan or the hardest for me is needing instant gratification so I tend to quit if results are not immediate. Finally, in reading the description of the book mentioning "too small to fail” had me sold. My biggest obstacle is my self, in talking myself out of why there are better or more important things to do then work out. So maybe this book will help me make lasting changes. Part II: Topics of Interest Guise stated, Small steps don’t hold you back-they’re
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