Mini-Lessons and Teaching

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Main Ideas
• Don’t be afraid to ask (or assign) multilingual students a writing project. Even though it might challenge them, it will also be extremely beneficial to them as English Language Learners.
• Teaching moves Ms. Rodriguez makes to support her multilingual students: She begins with a narrative story about yesterday’s work, She uses a visual cue to remind students of the writing she demonstrated yesterday, She provides a verbal demonstration for her students, modeling English syntax, Her tone is inclusive, and she talks to her students like fellow writers, She writes about a Spanish-language television show that most of her children know and watch, She points to each word and has the children read with her, demonstrating concepts of print that are significant for children learning to read in English, She asks students to turn and talk to their partners, which provides her multilingual student the opportunity to try out their ideas with a partner before speaking to the whole group, She models her writing and writes in Spanish, which validates the majority of her students’ language(s), She checks for understanding, She verbalizes the internal question that children can ask themselves when they complete their writing.
• The content of minilessons have a big impact even though they are brief. They are used to communicate significance, and through it students learn more about writing. They create a safe space that allow for students to feel equipped for the
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