Mini Lops Research Paper

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Rabbits were discovered first in Asia, a long time ago and since the discovery of rabbits, they spread vastly to so many countries. Gomphos Elkema is the first and oldest rabbit to be discovered. Rabbits bread rapidly, in the 1700’s and this increased greatly, the life span for a rabbit is usually between 6-9 years depending on the breed. Rabbits belongs to the mammals called logomprphia. There are about 40 species of rabbits, presently there are over 60 breeds of rabbits. In this project we focused on the mini lop breed, the mini-lop is a medium sized breed, the mini lop was first discovered in Europe and it was the first breed to have been discovered with fluffy ears. Bob Herschbach discovered the mini lop in the United States in 1970 , he originally was living in Germany and when he decided to move to the united states, he took 3 trio ( 1 male and two females) German rabbits and he brought it down to California with the intention to develop a dwarf kind of lop in different colors.…show more content…
The first baby lops were solid colors. A second generation came with broken colors. in 1980 mini lop became officially recognized by the American rabbit breeders association with a general body type of 100 and compact. A senior lop weighs 6.5 pounds and a junior lop weighs 6.0 pounds. Mini lop rabbits live in the cold and warm environments such as the grass and the arctic and can live in houses, Mini lop rabbits have unique claws to help protect itself from predators. They are known for their special qualities to help them survive in their environment, Mini lop rabbits have furs to help them protect itself from getting bitten by a predator, their furs also keep warm during the cold weather, Mini lop rabbits eat dried mixed food like peaches, bread and also fresh
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