Minimalism by Raymond Carver Essay

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Minimalism by Raymond Carver

English 210
P. Fishman Research Paper Literary Criticism on Minimalism by Raymond Carver

Raymond Carver was a master of the short story during the mid nineteenth century due to his unique minimalistic style. Carver has his own artistic signature when it comes to writing, he tells his stories using the least amount of words possible to get a point across. This method leads to a creative piece of literature with strategically placed vocabulary to stimulate hidden meaning and different forms of communication throughout the plots as shown in
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This self-evaluation helps the characters overcome their crisis of communication, which progressively transforms them throughout the story. Minimalism simultaneously affects the different forms of communication in Carvers writing.
The literary critic Bryan Aubrey further discusses Carver’s work in a “Critical Essay on a Small, Good Thing”. The critical analysis explores how Carver uses minimalism to emphasize menace in people’s lives. The short and condensed sentences provide a realistic and serious tone for the reader, a good example of this is shown in the short story “A Small, Good Thing”. The tone that is present throughout the story is sadness. Sadness helps create the theme of the story that the world we all live in is a tough one. Carver use’s this theme as a reminder to his readers that life can be cruel at times, and the only thing people can do is reach out to each other as the Weiss family did with the Baker after their son’s death. The minimalistic style used in this short story synthesizes the underlying reality that bad things can happen to innocent people at any given moment. No matter who you are and how many good deeds you may have done, we still all share the same fate called death. Carver use’s death as his source of hidden menace because many people are paranoid that their lives may suddenly end, no one fully understands what life and death is. This is a smart way to provide a necessary tension
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