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You might be scratching your head after reading the title of this blog post. You must be asking yourself why a minimalist blogger would want you to keep some of your sentimental items? I'll explain later... First, here is a list of the sentimental or memorable items that I have decided to keep after paring down my possessions a while ago. Two soccer trophies I won when I was little and a soccer jersey (that is not in the picture). soccer trophies Two signed hockey cards of my favorite hockey player growing up. Antoine Vermette is still my favorite and he is still an active player in the NHL. signed hockey cards A few school photos of myself and a school yearbook. I made sure that I didn't keep too many sentimental items and I also made sure that the ones that I kept didn't take up too much space. I carefully chose these items because I think they sum up my young life pretty well. I believe that it's important to keep a few sentimental or memorable objects around just for the sake of memories even if they don't really serve a purpose. They don't have to be displayed, they can simply be stored away somewhere in your home.…show more content…
My response to them would be that I could get rid of these items if I wanted to, but I keep them around because they have one main purpose. I think that you should also keep a few memorable objects for this following reason: with a small amount of sentimental items, you'll be able to have a more global view of your personal journey through life. These six or seven items that you have kept will be there to give you some perspective when you reflect about life. For instance, if you have to make a big decision, your sentimental items will remind you of your past and show you the bigger picture. Therefore, you'll be able to make a more thoughtful and rational
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