Minimum Tolerance Policies : Zero Tolerance, Zero Education

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mes Paul Dr. Graybill English 101 29, November, 2015 Zero Tolerance Policies: Zero Tolerance, Zero Education The school to prison pipeline is a growing issue in schools around the world today. The school to prison pipeline is becoming larger and larger each year due to the zero tolerance policies held by many schools. Zero tolerance policies have been proven to be very ineffective in bad schools who use them as a way to get rid of disruptive students. Alongside with being proven ineffective the zero tolerance policies also damage and slow the process of education to a child that is targeted. The school to prison pipeline is a very bad thing. Children are losing education due to the pipeline. Zero tolerance policies are also not good because students can lose their education due to small things done in class. The pipeline refers to students “is a series of zero-tolerance policies implemented by principals, school boards and state legislatures in response to the 1999 Columbine school shooting” (Lowery, “Clogging the Pipeline”). The zero tolerance policies are policies that “[refer] to strict, uncompromising, automatic punishment to eliminate undesirable behavior” (Wilson, “Tuning off the school-to-prison-pipeline”). The zero tolerance policies are a very bad thing. The zero tolerance policies have been based on the “the assumption that removing students from schools when they behave disruptively will create peaceful learning environments and deter others from engaging in
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