Minimum Voting

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The younger generation are infamously known for having a low voter turnout for each election. Young adults have a loud voice when it comes to supporting their political stance but the majority of them don't vote so their efforts go to waste. We can see the statistics of voting habits from various age groups where the middle and old aged are exercising their civic duties far more than those who have just recieved this responsiblity. We do need to balance out the young and the old voters, but decreasing the minumum required age will not solve anything as 18 year olds hardly ever vote as is. We should not change the minimum voting age from 18 as it won't increase the demand for citizens to vote, instead we should focus on incentives to make it so people will want participate in the voting process. We see young adults voicing their opinion many times in protests during the presidential election. There are many of them participating in protests to support their presidential candidate or to tear down the ones they dislike in this year's current election as well. But, as history has proven, their voices will be unanswered, despite it being so loud, because the…show more content…
They state that we need to balance the overwhelming older voters with younger perspectives and to do so is to make it so voting is more available at a younger age. I agree that we do need to balance out the younger and older voting demographics, however, lowering the age to vote to 16 years old will not solve this. We can already see in the United States' case that younger voters will not vote and are simply uninterested in doing so, so why should we lower the age so more uninterested teenagers have the unlikely possiblity of voting. I think we shouldn't focus on making voting more available to increase voter participation, but instead we should make it so they want to vote more
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