Minimum Wage And Labor Unions

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Minimum wage often hurts people it is intended to protect from the increase. There are many research papers that will show exactly how the minimum wage affects both the employer and the employee. The employer then has to take action when there is legislation that passes a higher minimum wage rate. I am against minimum wage for many reasons that I will explain in my essay.
Labor unions can be viewed as unjust and immoral because of the actions they choose to take against their employers and employees. Labor unions seem to help their employees on the outside but in the long run, end up preventing them from doing things individually. There are many other industries that have high paying wages without being in a union. I am
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They do not have the experience or education to start off at a higher wage so most employers will not give them a chance. The employer wants to pay a worker for what they believe is what they deserve. Normally, a person has to work and get experience to become more productive. A more productive worker will then get raises and make what they are worth. People need to work so they can survive and if they are less educated and less skilled they will be willing to work for whatever they can get. According to Paul McCormick and Walter Brock, “An adverse effect of the minimum wage which is especially harmful to teenagers in the fact that the minimum wage eliminates the chance of teenagers taking certain low-wage jobs, gaining experience and eventually obtaining better careers in the future” (McComick, Brock, 2000).
The poor are also affected by the higher minimum wage. When the minimum wage is increased many low-skilled workers will lose their jobs causing them to become unemployed. Because the minimum wage is raised the price on products will go up causing another hardship on the poor. The businesses will find a way to pay the higher wages to workers so they will have to raise the price of their products and services. “A 1997 National Bureau of Economic Research study estimated that the federal minimum-wage hike of 1996 and 1997 actually increased the number of poor families by 4.5 percent”
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