Minimum Wage And The United States

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The controversy over what to establish as the official minimum wage in the United States has been debated and argued over for many years. Due to inflation, the gradual increase of pricings due to a saturation of printed currency, the minimum wage for workers has to be increased in order to compensate for the ever-fluctuating value of the U.S. Dollar. Many today are rising to the conclusion that a minimum wage of fifteen dollars an hour is necessary. This motion is designed to keep those who have minimum wage income out of poverty and to increase the amount of money in the consumer’s pocket overall. However, this particular increase in minimum wage will lead to the inevitable downfall of the United States’ economy and be a catastrophe for the working class.
The issue at large is whether or not to increase the minimum wage in the United States to fifteen dollars. Many organizations are affiliated with minimum wage, including many corporations that implement extremely, very basic, entry level positions where minimum wage is a suitable payment; such as Wal-Mart and McDonalds. The minimum wage varies across the spectrum from state to state. In January 1, 2015 the highest paid minimum wage by state is in Washington with $9.47 an hour and the lowest is Wyoming, along with twenty-four other states, at $7.25 an hour (RaiseTheMinimumWage). The increase in minimum wage from years preceding is mainly due to inflation. If an increase to the minimum wage is called for, it must be
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