Minimum Wage And The Wage

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Minimum Wage There are a lot of people around the world who struggle with money and a satisfactory way of life. Whether they be in the United States or across the globe, there is a standard minimum wage set for the working class of their country. In the Unites States, there is a federal minimum wage of seven dollars and twenty five cents per hour worked. Almost every state has another set minimum wage, which typically is a little higher than the federal minimum wage, but it cannot be lower than seven dollars and twenty five cents. Countries set minimum wage laws, to ensure there is a basic quality of life amongst its citizens. As the minimum wage goes up in certain states, the quality of life also improves. The problem with a higher minimum wage, is now people are getting paid higher for entry level jobs which are meant for teenagers and people new to the workforce. If the minimum wage keeps increasing across the country, teenagers and young adults will have a much more difficult time finding jobs.
The cost of living, and the standard of living, have a direct effect on how much money people make. Generally speaking, a person who makes a lot money, has a better standard of living, while someone who works a minimum wage job, has a lower standard of living. It is very normal for the minimum wage to increase in America, as it has ever since it was established in the thirties, but it is important to remember, when the minimum wage increases, other wages, and salaries must
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