Minimum Wage And The Wage

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Workers from around the world no matter the culture, country, or type of job believe that increasing the minimum wage would solve individual financial problems. It is important to know that this subject is not a black-and-white problem and can not be answered by a simple yes or a no answer. This article will be focusing on the minimum wage in America. Furthermore, we are focusing on the State 's minimum wage rather the Federal minimum wage. It is important to understand that the state 's minimum wage is different than the Federal. In some states it may be higher or lower than the Federal, and other states in comparison. Although increasing a state 's minimum wage would have a positive effect on individual workers, it may have a negative and long-lasting effect on the state’s cities and its economy. An increase in the state’s minimum wages will have a dramatic change in the percentage of unemployment within specific areas, mainly the ones that are generally poor and undeveloped. In reality, it is a common sense to understand that this types of changes will take place since, “when you raise the price of something, in this case labor, less of it will be demanded, or in this case hired”(Neumark). The true nature of this idea can be explained by understanding that the less reachable something become, the more competition will be out there to get it, and once you get it you want the best one, which will be the skilled and experienced workers. In this case, all the

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