Minimum Wage Is A Issue

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Minimum wage is a contentious issue only because it is debated by a vast and eclectic audience that cares for the heart of the matter. Minimum wage is at the source of the economist 's main interest; in pursuit of discovering its connection to job loss. Countries all around the globe, maintain minimum wage laws without any noticeable fluctuation. For this reason, it is coming to an apparent importance to policy makers everywhere. Those that tend to earn a minimum wage are mainly coming from low income and minority families. The minimum wage has attracted attention from social activists all over as well. The topic is perhaps most intriguing to the average, normal class American. At some time in our long but short lives, almost every single person has been paid at the minimum wage. Due to this, it is of popular debate over dinner, at restaurants, and in the typical American living room. More importantly it’s now being, and sort of always has been discussed by those of our government. The United States of the 1990 's is a country of increasing disparity and poverty; where the wealthy are moving ahead while at the same time the working class falls even further behind. In this economic phenomenon, the middle class virtually is disappearing from society. One of our many major defenses to make sure those of the working class is receiving a fair wage, is legislation providing for the one. While several oppositions of the minimum wage cite labor supply and demand concerns with a
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