Minimum Wage Is A Touchy Subject

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Minimum wage is a touchy subject for most in this state of Michigan and in the nation as well. The fact that people who work jobs for menial pay, and are expected to survive on this limited budget is absurd. The prices for basic necessities have skyrocketed and has never ceased from creeping upward, and the largest expense for families is child care. Paying a living wage cuts down on absenteeism, decreases employee turnover, and saves on retraining costs. In a recent study of calculating expenses and taxes (MLPP, 2014) Grocery stores located in low- income areas (both rural and urban) tend to charge higher prices than large suburban supermarkets and to be heavily stocked with highly processed convenience foods, while offering little in the way of fresh produce and other nutritious food items. The cost of utilities continues to spiral out of control as does transportation and healthcare. These are basic necessities for a human being is required to survive in this rich nation and state that we all live in.
Opposing arguments are wide and varied. There are those that believe the increase of a minimum wage would surely shut down or cut the amount of basic low skilled entry level jobs.
According to research and analysis (EPI, 2014) a new analysis estimating that at least 360,000 jobs- and as many as 1,084,000 jobs would be eliminated if the federal minimum wage were raised to $10.10. The claim is making an issue that more than half of poor people in the in the

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