Minimum Wage Laws Should Be Legal

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Minimum wage bill majorly refers to a price control that is imposed by the government. The price control concept set a floor indicating what the minimum price must be paid or be imposed on certain services or goods (Murphy). The main aim of a government setting up price controls is always to ensure individuals or employers of a certain job group receive fair wages. Also, the minimum wage laws are mostly used by the federal government to ensure a basic quality of life among all the countries citizens. This aspect is to establish a fair level of economic equality instead of having copious amounts of poor or underpaid citizens (Vitez). It is further important to note that these minimum wage laws can often be used to force companies to pay equally all individual regardless of sex creed or race.
Above all this, it is my opinion that the concept of using minimum wage laws to ensure that workers who are mostly unskilled get enough income to provide for their daily activities is very unnecessary. This aspect can mostly be explained using the demand and supply concept. The force of demand and supply mainly exist in the unskilled workers market that mostly operates under the minimum wage law. The unskilled workers price is based on the hourly wage that they are paid. Based on this aspect, it is important to note that the wage equilibrium occurs at that point where the number of unskilled that desires a job usually equals the number of jobs that the employers offer (Kane). One major
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