Minimum Wage Should Be Legal

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In United States, we hear the government, businesses argued about minimum wage. Whether it should be raised or leave it the way it is. But, what exactly is minimum wages? Minimum wage is the least amount of money per hour that must be paid to a worker after surrounding a service according to the law. Many working class families’ lives depend on this minimum wages. There are few families who make less than $15000 a year who feed their families on this salary and still pay bills from it. Over the past year, the federal government has been working toward raising the minimum wage but not all the congress women and men agree on this takes, also not all employers are ready to raise the amount per hour for their employees. Over the last few years, the government has argued on whether it’s right to raise the minimum wage, to distinct who it will benefit more. There have been several laws that have been passed to raise the minimum wage but, the federal government decided to gives each states the right to choose whether they would want to raise their minimum wages.
When it comes to the issues of raising the minimum to better those middle and lower class workers, not everyone has that mind set to agree. Most people like the congress and other employers feel raising the minimum wage will have a negative effect on the economic. For some workers, the lowest pay permitted by law livelihood was an impermanent, young condition, as we cleared eating areas or addressed telephones or

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