Minimum Wage Should Be Legal

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There has been a growing desire for minimum wage to be set at $15 an hour. While many of our lowest pay employees will be getting paychecks, workers who have been at businesses longer feel like they’re being undermined. Employees say that it is not fair for a new worker to be earning as much as someone who has been apart of the company for three years. Also, raising minimum wage poses a financial and management challenge for employers. Numerous cities have passed wage increases in the past year, and New York and California recently approved the new wage of $15 an hour. “The Supreme Court’s decision not to take on a challenge to Seattle’s minimum wage rule removed one of the most significant legal testes of local wage laws.” Seattle has now…show more content…
The Obama administration showed increasing worries in Washington over a rise in intellectual property theft from foreign competitors, such as China. The new rule threatens to shrink company-sponsored research, which has become widely popular for high-paying foreign students in recent years. Information regarding defense technology such as munitions, nuclear engineering and satellite technology would be affected by the rule, which is still in the proposal process.Some top U.S. schools do not grant research that restricts participation to foreign citizens because they feel it counters policies on academic freedom and non-discrimination. Universities claim that the rule would offset the balance between national security and academic freedom. In a FBI report they recorded just under a million foreign students at U.S. colleges in the 2014-2015 school year, 31 percent of whom were chinese. The FBI says China is the main culprit for attempted exporting of technology from the United States, including genetically modified corn seed and sensitive military information stored on Boeing computers. The Department of Justice said in a statement that “we know some foreign spies and criminals target students and faculty alike to steal valuable technology and intellectual property.” The Department is working with universities and laboratories to
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