Minimum Wage Workers : The Challenges They Face

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Lexie Shah, Max Gates,
Claire Dorfman, and
Samantha Hansen
SOCI 360
Executive Summary
Minimum Wage Workers:
The Challenges They Face
There are countless articles that exist regarding the minimum wage workers, so coming up with data and information about them was not the difficult part. It was the narrowing down of the information that was hard. Our research questions was as follows: what are the challenges that minimum wage workers face in getting by and trying to improve their circumstances? In brainstorming, we decided to begin by thinking about all of the challenges that minimum wage workers in trying to make ends meet. After thinking out loud for a while, we realized that we had come up with an extensive list of obstacles that most minimum wage workers probably face. This extensive list was far too long to report on, however, so we narrowed it down to four categories: 1. the lack of federal benefits and the cost of health care, 2. the need for more hours to make ends meet, 3. the balancing of life outside of work including school and children, if applicable, and 4. the issue of the lack of education and educational opportunities. Each of these categories of challenges contribute and mesh together within the cycle of poverty, which will be discussed later on. First, however, we must define the demographic of the minimum wage workers.

{possible intro changes?:Minimum wage workers face many economic and social challenges that stem from trying to survive
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