Minimum Wage vs. Slavery

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Le’Sean Marks
English 102; Civil War Term Paper
March 21, 2013

In a time like today, everyone who has ever received minimum wage could agree that it is not ideal, nor is it fair in most cases. However, to compare the brutality of minimum wage to that of slavery is preposterous! In slavery, especially the slavery that occurred in America, human beings lacked more than just proper compensation for their labor. Along with not being fairly rewarded: families were ripped apart by slave trades, dignity could never be gained, scare tactics and inferiority were at an all time high, women were raped, people were beaten almost to death, and the list goes on. There is no way to downplay minimum wage. People work
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In slavery the best benefit one could get would be getting good leftovers and hand me downs from the master and his family. Healthcare for slaves consisted of examinations made by the slaves master or his hired help to determine if they were strong enough to handle the labor or clean enough to be a house slave. Dental care consisted of checking their teeth by having their mouths forcibly opened by the master’s hands. Monthly and holiday bonuses were nothing more than getting a few extra pieces of meat for dinner. As for employee discounts and services, well, slave labor was free; could they really ask for anything? The biggest thing of all that minimum wage can’t be compared to slavery is the abuse. There are three types of abuses that slaves suffered and those were physical, mental, and emotional. Employees who make minimum wage can suffer from emotional abuse, but as stated before they have the opportunity to get out of that abuse. Slaves would often be abused and the abuse didn’t stop at beating. The abuse that slaves experienced kept the submissive to their master and kept them at a level of worthlessness. Many southerners would say that slaves didn’t have any right but it is observed that slaves were important to them and this is why they did not want the slaves to be literate because they were afraid that they would revolt. Slave masters would often abuse slaves so bad until they had no
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