Mining Accidents Are Not Dangerous For People And The Environment

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However, this resource is finite. According to the World Coal Association, “If we don 't increase production AT ALL we have 118 years left… we 'll be seeing a 512% increase in coal demand... That 118 years gets chopped down right quick to 23 years IF we increase production to meet demand” (“23 Years Worth of Coal Left”). Because of rising populations and the demand for more energy, the need for coal rises. Unfortunately, because coal is derived from fossils, it will eventually run out, possibly in a few decades. There is also the possibility of accidents that can occur during mining that make it dangerous for people and the environment. Activities such as digging into mountains, tearing up land, removing trees, etc., cause major damage to…show more content…
Associated natural gas is usually extracted along with oil, and then sent to a processing plant. The finished product is called “pipeline quality natural gas.” This gas can also be liquefied and transported by ships. In this form, it is called LNG, or liquefied natural gas.
Although natural gas is cleaner than most fossil fuels, it still produces Co2 emissions. During the extraction process, natural gas escapes into the atmosphere, contributing to climate change. Natural gas leaks are also dangerous to local communities because of the fact that natural gas is colorless, odorless, highly toxic, and explosive (Rutherford). The pipelines that carry the natural gas across the country are another cause for concern:
“12.8 billion cubic feet. That’s how much natural gas has been released since 2010 in nearly 700 “incidents” reported to the federal Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration... Another 36 million cubic feet of natural gas escaped during incidents from the distribution systems that deliver gas to homes and businesses during that time. Added up, it’s enough gas to heat more than 170,000 homes for a year” (Thompson).
This immense amount of natural gas that has escaped doesn’t just “disappear”; it only causes further damage to the environment.
Nuclear energy is yet another source of energy the U.S invests in. The United States is currently the world’s leader as far as producing nuclear energy; however, over 90% of the uranium
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