Mining Asteroids For Resources Interests

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Mining asteroids for resources interests me because I would consider myself as a heavy consumer of electronic goods such as smartphones and computers and therefore I am keen to know about the future of this technology. At the beginning of my IGCSE Global Perspectives course, we looked at natural resources which I think also contributed to my decision to look into this topic. I would like to be more aware of how much resources currently remain on Earth because the media constantly reports on how little resources we have left. From news articles I have seen so far about asteroid mining, it is seen as a beneficial way for Earth to get resources that we currently have a shortage of. For this project, I will be looking at the current situation of resources, what minerals can be obtained from asteroids, how easy it would be to obtain these resources and how effective asteroid mining would be to solving the current shortage of resources. In my opinion, I believe that this process will significantly contribute to the shortage of resources and it will be very financially beneficial.

Asteroid Mining is a proposed solution to the current decline of resources on Earth. As I currently understand this is done by sending a spacecraft capable of mining asteroids, small planets and other near-earth objects such as comets. Once extracting the minerals from these asteroids, they then get sent back to Earth and get used in industrial and consumer goods. I would not consider this
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