Mining Of The Copper And Nickel

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We, the state of Minnesota, have a big decision coming up when it comes to mining the copper and nickel in the boundary waters. Sulfide mining has been stereotyped as a major pollutant to nearby waterways. As this may have been proven true with other mining corporations, PolyMet Mining has found a new way of reusing the sulfide as renewable energy instead of flushing it back into the waterways. Minnesota is home to one of the largest deposits of copper, nickel, and other precious metals. Currently there is only one copper and nickel mine currently being used in the United States. With the U.S consuming more than 202,000 tons of nickel annually, there could be a shortage of copper and nickel in the near future. Many commonly used equipment has copper and nickel in it. Some examples of this equipment and common everyday things include: Food preparation equipment, mobile phones, medical equipment, transportation, buildings, and power generation. With a high demand for copper and nickel, not being able to replace these metals may result in an increase of prices of these commonly used items (Where). For those people who are against the mining, imagine life without mobile phones and medical equipment. Copper and nickel is more important than most people think.
Embracing the opportunity to mine these precious metals would create jobs, surplus the economy and would provide more than two billion dollars to the Minnesota Permanent School Trust Fund (Mining). Having the opportunity to
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