Mining Safety Report Essay

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Table of Contents Introduction to Report: This project was researched through a variety of means that includes literary articles, books, company reports and websites. Much of the information was sourced from Australian news websites and databases. For the projection of financial costs, the annual reports of mining companies were used as a reference point. For instance, the $1,000 cost per employee per year was a round number that was taken after looking at companies such as BHP Biliton and Rio Tinto. Besides this, research into risk assessment theories and text books led to the development of the risk assessment model for this report. Interviews with friend’s parents that were…show more content…
This involves a proper management structure with the Chief Operation Officer taking on the overall command post in managing the safety system at UG Coal Mining. The COO will manage and enforce the safety standards of the company with the aim of preventing any safety mishaps or injury (resulting from negligence or otherwise). The COO will have the final say in any safety investigations, safety disputes, compensation, punishments, improvements and discussions. For every formal action that the company takes in relation to safety, the COO’s hand-written signatory will be required in the document for verification and ratification purposes. Once, the COO has given his consent, the respective measures or actions can then be implemented. The COO will also chair the quarterly safety review meeting. The quarterly safety review meeting that is used to culminate and mark the end of each quarter will be targeted at tightening any loose ends in the safety system at UG Coal Mining, discussing new and existing safety measures and implementations for various projects and activities, presenting facts and statistics on the safety performance of the company for the past quarter as well as thrashing out any issues relating to safety awareness, necessary due diligence, non-compliance and other on goings and case-studies. Safety Superintendent Within the management ranks, the COO with be assisted by the safety superintendent, a new position that has been created to manage
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