Mining Unstructured Text to Build E-Democracy

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Mining Unstructured Text to Build e-democracy
In today's day and age, internet and wireless technologies are increasingly able to provide a way for citizens to engage in political discussions, which is much more involved than in traditional democracy and government action. As such, in this technological realm, the government is able to enter unstructured data into these citizen-created dialogues, which has begun to pave the way to mainly e-democracy and also m-democracy. In viewing this new political environment, one can begin to understand how the fostering of such new democracies based in technology has the capacity to change the political and government landscape from the ground-up. In understanding the basic nature of technology as a means for political discussion, as well as understanding the tools that are used to extract high-level semantic contact in this realm of discussion, one can see how the creation of new e-democracies and m-democracies within society have serious effects on how politics and democracy can run from now on. Additionally, one can understand the ethical concerns that arise in making this transition. However, until the whole of the argument can be understood, no definitive answer as to whether this transition is right or wrong can be made.
Internet and Wireless Technologies and Political Discussion In beginning to weigh the discussion as to the transition into such a technology-based political environment, one must initially

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