Ministerio Rios De Agua Viva Case Analysis

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Title of My Paper Introduction Ministerio Rios de Agua Viva (MRAV) was founded by Pastors Roberto and Dorcas Martinez along with and Norma Sines in 1996. It was established as a “sister” church of Victory Worship Center which was founded in 1991. Since its commencement, Ministerio Rios de Agua Viva has taken a total of 1 to 4 personnel under its employment, and 10 to 15 staff that volunteer their services (Find the Company, n.d.). Ministerio Rios de Agua Viva is a well-managed organization that is preparing for success in the future while edifying the body of Christ. Background Analysis Four Managerial Functions Planning. This function involves determining organizational goals and a means for achieving them. Planning is a fundamental aspect for any organization because it reduces uncertainty, increases organizational success, and helps the organization reach its objectives. Before implementing a strategy, it is important to identify the organizations vision, mission, and values. And like most organizations,…show more content…
(2) who will do it? (3) when should this be accomplished? And (4) how will we get these things done? The reason for this being that it provides clarity and focus to the ministry – clarity and focus connects disciples to a common purpose and focuses their attention towards the purpose of the church. There are also several benefits of planning besides inspiring and encouraging employees to work harder (Williams, 2015). For instance, it helps everyone leaders in particular, to be future oriented. They are encouraged to look beyond day-to-day situations in order to see what they may face in the future. Second, it enhances decision coordination. Whatever decision is made today is taken into consideration with how it will affect a decision that will need to be made tomorrow. And third, it highlights organizational
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