Ministries Of The Church From A Biblical Standpoint

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Ministries in the Church From a Biblical Standpoint

Eston Racey
THEO 202-001
March 10, 2017 The topic discussed in this paper is the doctrine of the ministries of the church. This doctrine informs of the different services and resources performed or distributed by the church. Whether being the church as a whole or on the local level of the community and the world. This topic, though it may seem relatively simple on the surface, is very important. There are many different interpretations and practices of how the church should or should not perform ministry. A clear understanding of the surrounding people and culture, as well as biblical truth is required or chaos and disunity will be the outcome. To begin a theological
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This means that along with the leaders of the church being required to minister, but all believers in Christ as well. This is seen clearly in Mathew 28:19-20, as Jesus is addressing His followers instructing them to go out into the world and make disciples of Him. This command was not just in regard’s to the original twelve disciples but a command for all believers to come. Ministry has no perfect formula or model that all churches or believers should follow. 1 Corinthians 12:4-6 in short says, that their is one true God who has given everyone different abilities, gifts, and purposes. These things allow each person to minister in different ways and spread His Word. So in essence not only is everyone called to minister and share the gospel, but also everyone will share biblical truth in the way God intend them to. Believers must allow God to work through them and take hold of the unique traits He has gifted to each individual, so that His Word may be spread.
Throughout the different periods in church history: The Ancient Church (100 AD-590 AD), The Medieval Church (590-1570 AD), The Reformation and Counter Reformation (1570-1648AD) and The Modern Church (1648-present), the church has developed many different ways of interpreting what scripture said and how to apply it to church ministry. The Ancient Church (100-590 AD), refers to the era directly after Jesus’ crucifixion and ascension into Heaven. This time period was the beginning of the first church and only
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